Monday, July 05, 2004

National Director of The Australian UFO Research Network
[Reply to below post to Keith]

"Keith I feel strongly also when someone posts damming comments that are total lies which could or may affect my business my well being or any future employment.

I promise this I will go after these people with all guns loaded.

Keith some people on the UFO scene in Australia "NEVER" walk the talk all they do is collect information for self-gratification locking it away I ask how can this progress UFO research in this country?.

Robert and I walk the talk to the disgust of those who wish to horde and hide what they have. AUFORN came about because we personally got sick of UFO groups who have the policy of non transparency, who show little or no accountability to the general public who have given these groups their personal details of sighting and close encounters in trust they will share and use these reports to further UFO research.

Because AUFORN promotes sharing, because we are transparent this upsets some people in the UFO community. But Robert nor I will ever apologize for doing so.

Keith Freedom of speech is great I'm all for it but how about these so call free speakers speak the bloody truth. I advocate for freedom of speech and I say come on lets uncover the cover ups be they Health issues UFOs or Government. So how about list members start asking
questions of these UFO groups as to why they don't advocate for the freedom of information sharing especially when the information was given to them freely by the general public.?"

Subj: Re:[AUFORN AUSTRALIA] I have read the blogger site
Date: 7/1/2004 11:06:22

Oh dear!