Friday, July 02, 2004


This was sent to me, I don't know who Keith or what group or state he represents, yet his thoughts and word are important to us all and I felt they should be up so we all can see, and not locked away in the AUFORN private group. I have made no changes!

From: Keith McLean
Date: Thu Jul 1, 2004 5:57 am
Subject: Re: [AUFORN AUSTRALIA] I have read the blogger site
Ref: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/AUFORN/message/6978

Hi Diane,

But what about free speech?
Or should I say "free" speech?

I know there is a lot of vitriol in some parts of the net, and I don't like it,
but what about those who have valid criticisms to make? In my view, restricting
freedom of speech is like suppression or control over other's behaviour via
dictatorship. I will take anyone on over this issue - being an authority does
NOT give anyone the right or does it entail the right to suppress others

Personally, I am sick, sore and tired of being suppressed (or at least
potentially so) by all and sundry - whoever they may be. The government does it,
corporations do it, and the "community" (ie. society in general) do it. I reject
this idea that my voice will be suppressed if I "over step the line". I've tried
writng to national newspapers to express my views on issues, and to the best of
my knowledge I am ignored. I express my views in various interent forums, but
they are sometimes greeted with silence. This may simply be lack of interest in
both media forums in the comments, but equally it could point to the arrogance
of so-called personalities who are more concerned with their own agenda
(incidently, it is a little strange to me that when these personalities make
media appearances they seem like nice people, yet they seem too busy to repond
to polite comments clearly directly at them).

So therefore:

I reject the idea that I might be sued by someone at some time in the future
over some comments I made over something. I will never accept retribution from
anyone over my right to speak my mind.

I have never been sued and don't intend to be. I am sick of lawyers, politicians
and other assorted self-important people claiming defamation over this or that -
it is all a ridiculous egotistical exercise.

I feel pretty strongly on this, and I rail against both those who propogate
deceit and those who seem to think their "interests" are so important. If it is
a matter of protecting oneself from genuine harm to person or possessions, in
that case litigation might be acceptable. But consider this: Why would we need
to sue at all if everyone did not invest so much time in rumour and judgement on