Monday, June 28, 2004


Thank you for all the comments, a sudden increase in that area, again thank you. But back at my post dated - Monday, June 14, 2004 TWO LIGHTS IN A DARK UFOLOGY WORLD, in the comments we have this:

"I guess its hard for Sheryl to write reviews about people she don't like very much like Mary - Diane - Debbie - Bill C and - George. It would kinda choke her up to write positive things about the great talks these guys gave. Especially when all promote a subject which her group is not to familiar with. "sharing". Sheryl disgusted the crowd when she down played the important of Debbie's talk and AURAs work "very sad". Anonymous | 06.25.04 - 6:36 pm |"

If you think all is well in AUFORN then why do we all feel the push and shove of the few in their upper ranks. Lets face it why does VUFORS, PRA, UFORQLD and UFORNSW the big four ignore this so called network supporter of "all Australian Ufologist". Lets be frank, there is no real love there. Also I am surprised that someone would find Mary that ego driven - I hope not, I have found her very free of control. I may be wrong but I have seen a few emails where Bill C has a go at Mary and her US Doctor friend, so lets get real. But I don't know why we have to hug & kiss each other, it feels rather fake and shallow.

Question: When you say "she [Sheryl] down played..." what exactly do you mean? From my lofty towers at camp IKNOWITALL I see Sheryl (UFORQLD) & Debbie (AURA) as the only two who get into any discussion or provide platforms for discussion. I don't expect them to love each other to kiss ass (That's Co-Editors Job) so pray tell what conference monster do yay hide?