Friday, June 25, 2004


In the Australasian Ufologist (Vol 8 No 2 2004) p37 col 2 para 5 and also in Newsletter 12 - April 2004 Keith Basterfield wrote:

"Another source of pre-October 1953 reports of which we are already aware, is a listing attached to Harry Turner’s 1954 report to the RAAF after he was asked to examine two RAAF files. A copy of Turner’s report was located on RAAF file 554/1/30 part 1. Here we find a list of 20 sightings between 16 July 1950 and 31 August 1953. Out of the reports found on B5758, control symbol 5/6/AIR part 1, only one, namely 3 May 1952 from Kew, makes Turner’s list. None of the others between 1950 and Oct 1953 on Turner’s list, turned up in file 5/6/AIR. This indicates to us that there are more undiscovered RAAF/Department of Air files on the subject."

Basterfield notes in Turners report of the 20 case studies only one was found in the RAAF files. Basterfield then extrapolates that the lack of files is an indication of missing reports still in the RAAF file system, waiting to be found. Well... I have had Turners Report for some years now, like a lot of others, but you will not find the missing case files. Why, well that's easy, because Harry Turner stole them from another group.

Yes, that's right, Mr Turner back in the 1950s approached the RAAF and two UFO groups in Victoria asking for access to data for a study. The two groups were happy to help and gave him a good collection of defence files that were collected by interested Defence & Government workers, who had formed these first UFO research groups(1950-51). Turner got his hands on the case stories and after many months nothing was returned, in fact no one could find Turner, he went missing. To shorten the story, Turner produced his short report, but left out a good part of the data and the sources. With some effort he was forced to return the pre 1953 files he had taken, and told go away & not to ask again.

Yes, the slippery Mr Harry Turner rushed off into another project, the lesson well learnt by the members and after that no more deals with Mr Turner.

So look hard Keith, but the files you want are safe in another location, with a lot more things Turner took and wanted to keep.