Sunday, June 27, 2004


In this weekend edition of the Age Good Weekend (26 June 2004) "My Life In Lingerie" on page 24-27, Mark Dapin the past editor of the glossy men's magazine RALPH (from 1998-2002), has this to say about an editors job:

"Editing a magazine is a fantastic, frustrating, exhilarating, all-consuming, intoxicating, terrifying, fascinating, soul-destroying, addictive, magnificent waste of time" p26

So Robert Frola, your in good company, magazines are hell!

Dapin also points out what it is like to write a book about ones life or work:

"Perhaps writing is worse than treachery, perhaps it is theft. We burgle parts of other people's lives, for comedy, poignancy or dramatic effect, and we have no shame: we even rob the dead." col 1 p25.

And about front feature pages, he has this:

"...as everyone who wrote features for Penthouse learned, "If it bleeds, it leads"."col 1 p26

Robert more blood & guts, that's what you need at your magazine HQ, and you may like to find a good sub-editor and speller - give Co-Editor Diane Harrison the flick.

You can read Dapin life story in his new book "Sex & Money" - Allen & Unwin $29.95.