Thursday, July 01, 2004

Alas poore Di
I knew her Horatio, a fellow of infinite Iest; of most excellent fancy:

"I don't care if people "call me names" and I don't care if what
AUFORN is doing "is stepping on toes" and I don't care if I have
to warn people to "cut the insults or risk being cut off this list".
"Insults do not progress research". If anyone on this list has
anything to say to Robert or I have the guts to say it to our
face "put your name to your e-mail" so we can get back to you
and take the appropriate legal action if the need be."

"For new people on the list, yes we do stop insults being posted
to this forum however and we give you a private warning not to
send anymore or run the risk being cut off."

Ref: Diane Harrison - AUFORN message 6976

This is what I mean, don't be fooled - "it was always that way and will always be that way" a plan or act. Not some file hidden in PRA or UFORQLD or VUFORS or UFORNSW, they have their reasons, so be it. When we get over the sweets and cake then we will get to the real truth, no one person or group is 100% open, especially the finger pointers.

But for the grace of GOD go I.