Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Stuart Miller "UFO Review" Issue 3 is now available and is delivered in a PDF file. I like what Miller is trying to do, but he does have some trouble with the format. The past editions have been in MSWORD and they have been bad. The contents is great but the format or the way he sets it out has been a nightmare. As he gets into the production swing I can now say "Third time lucky"?

Our Sheryl Gottschall (UFORQld)has an say in this edition and that is always good news. This one is in PDF so get it!


"Issue 3 contains interviews with Mac Tonnies about Mars, the Face, artifacts and the landers and with Wendy Connors about her website, Faded Discs, and her quest to preserve old ufological recordings and to make them available for researchers."

"Also, articles by Kithra about NASA and SOHO and by Sheryl Gottschall about the differences between the way men and women approach ufology. And not forgetting of course Andrew Pike with another fascinating article, this time on Casinni."

"Plus, a special offer for UK and European readers concerning Fate magazine."

A great Job!