Sunday, July 11, 2004


Oh dear! The word has gone out to all list members of the Auforn Yahoo group. All "dastardly" evil will be found and eliminated, cut out even killed that’s their promise. Robert thinks there is a rat within the clan. Oh no! Paranoia runs free "close down membership links; mark up the name of the suspects, kill all communication, close all holes blah blah".

And there they are all 4 of them, all by their lonely selves - posting "happy birthday this, love your talk and that, kiss this and now". Come on join in, enjoy the battle, be proactive. Just the four of you is no place to be, and George to enlighten you? Put away the icon alter, place the statue of BC in the the bin - come and play with the rest of ufology!

But take caution as thy eyes, look behind thy back Robert, the viper takes false friendship and countenance from thee.

Oh dear... now back to reality!