Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Face Lynne Kelly
By Helen Elliott

The Australian Skeptics “Pin up Girl” Lynne Kelly gets a big full page blurb in Profiles, the Australian 10 July 2004 pR3. Helen Elliott profiles spider loving reformed arachnophobe. First impression of Kelly from the image on the said page is an aged Goth without the black eye shadow.

The story was not bad, but to the die hard sheptic watcher, the text is full of tricks. A quick book plug and then the mandatory show for the reviewer “spoon bend” with a “fire walk” story thrown in for good measure, all very convincing for the untrained eye, nothing original or even scientific, just tricks. All so very droll. Helen Elliott struggles to get to the marrow and by the final paragraphs kills the saintly image with two shots.

“Kelly packs away her kit. She’s off to attend a magic show, something that is drawing her more and more”.

Then this:

“I’m glad spontaneous combustion is just a myth [wrong again Helen]because Kelly is so high-energy, she’d be a likely candidate.”

A quick scan of Kelly’s back room wall tells me more.

CLICK ON PICTURE OF: Lynne Kelly by David Geraghty

REF: Weekend Australian - Profile Lynne Kelly , 10 July 2004 pR3