Thursday, August 05, 2004

Debbie Payne has just posted her next Newsletter 15. It can be found at the Disclosure Project web site. I have given Debbie some stick over the past month, but support her, go have a look. Debbie is the power house behind AUFORN, she is a real mover and shaker. Apart from her, nothing much comes out of AUFORN, that is of any value , unless it is a web cut and past job.

"In this issue we present 15 pages of notes on our 18 hour examination of RAAF UFO files undertaken at RAAF base Edinburgh, South Australia."

Have a good look down the list in Newsletter 15, see that, yes VUFORS! That's right they were the best, back then.
"Can you tell me about Bill Chalker entry in the files... oh non? It must be in there some where... try the next page... NO? Have another look... NO! But I thought he was the first and only one? - Yeh right! -

I like this little section, tells it all, just how real disclosure likes to works:

"As previously reported, restrictions were placed upon our examination of these files. As the RAAF would not photocopy the documents on these files for us, we were only allowed to examine the files and take written notes (minus any identifiers of names). At the end of each visit a RAAF Security Police Officer examined our hand written notes to ensure that we had not written down the names of any individuals."

Oh dear! Been there, seen that, done that... have a copy on file - would you like to see? - NO Paul get a life you glove puppet numnut!
Good work Debbie.