Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Queenslands Glennys Mackay In Texas

"Glennys Mackay is an ordained spiritual minister from Brisbane, Australia. She was born in Hobart Tasmania and spent her early years on her parents farm. Glennys had an amazing childhood. She was born with natural gifts as a psychic/healer and used to heal sick animals on her parents farm. She was able to see into the future where her perception on many worldly things seemed to frighten her relations, especially when she saw Relatives and other people in spirit along with predicting future events. Glennys Married George Mackay of New Zealand, and spent 20 years living there raising their three children (2 girls 1 boy). Her major UFO experiences happened while living in New Zealand." SEE
I like Glennys, but I must say some of her listed credentials are just... can I say it...?
No... Well we all know what she is like and behind all that rubbish filler beats the heart of what I think is a very good person. Her ego needs all this crap to function so thats OK with me... as long as her tall tales are keep it a safe place, I am happy with that. I have met some people who think the sun shines out of her butt... and some who just hate her. Glennys can rub people that way, then if she likes you she will be your very best friend. The photo above is a good example of her ego at work that image must be 30 years old now. So I wonder what she would have been like if Glennys went down the other path?