Saturday, August 28, 2004


The Melbourne UFO Triangle video has taken its toll on the gals & lads at Phenomena Research Australia - PRA, since they posted a link to the WWW for video downloads. The system has come under great stress. At a whopping 200 download/hour the site has taken 3500 downloads. The problem is this, the files are just too big and people need to wait. “Normally a video file would be about 300-500Kb but we have two at over 1.5Mb”, PRA Director John Auchettl told me today.

“We have had a melt down with this set of downloads. In the last 24 hours the site has crashed 7 times and been taken off line to stop the flow. The bandwidth has been jammed. To add to our problems PRA have had around 400 emails from all over the world asking for a copy.”

“If you have not got your copy then just wait around, over the next 48 hours the flow should fall away and the slower systems can get in, but at the moment people with ADSL or Cable are take up the space.”

“Life is not getting easier with the web, it seems that when we post something up these days we get killed with the load and its not getting less but more”

I guess for poor old PRA - 'Success spawns success', only the best can do this - great job.