Monday, August 23, 2004

And Uncle Barry lost his.

The skeptic tragic play in 4 parts.

King Richard Saunders:
Just met Don Lane. He looked at my Skeptics Badge and said "What's that?" I told him how I was and he had a laugh. "Tell the skeptics Ihave a soft place in my heart for them." Post 26118

Tim Harding:
I'll never forget Don Lane losing his cool with James Randi on his TV show, swiping Randi' props off the table and shouting at Randi to "Piss Off!". It was not a good look. Maybe he now feels guilty about his appalling rudeness to James Randi. I have strongly disliked Don Lane ever since, so as far as I'm concerned, the feeling is not mutual. Post 26123

Barry Williams:
I did an interview with Don Lane on the radio years back where he admitted (off air) that he had made a goose of himself over James Randi. Post 26130

Tim Harding:
It is good to hear that Don Lane is repentent about the 'Randi Affair', but I suspect that he got a lot of flak over it from the TVstation management and it probably damaged his career. That may be his main regret. Post 26133

Oh Dear, what a lot of rubbish. Done Lane said what to you Barry? Well it sound good Uncle Barry but keep shoveling that line. We all believe you - well "Off Air" anyway.