Thursday, August 19, 2004

Mrs Lynne Kelly B.E. (Elec), Dip. Ed., Grad. Dip. Comp.,M.Ed.(CHIP)

"Having attempted to educate thousands in my time as a teacher, that is the stuff dreams are made of." (REF: qskeptics message - 26836)

"I am the most idealistic teacher around. 30 years of believing the dream was possible - and still do." (REF: qskeptics message - 26840)

Did yoy say educate thousands in my time as a teacher?:

Lynne CV has these items:
Bachelor of Engineering (electrical) Monash University, 1972
Diploma of Education Rusden State College, 1973
Graduate Diploma of Computing Deakin University, 1984
Master of Education (CHIP) University of Melbourne, 1994

So where and what did you teach, Lynne?

And today after 30 years on well, our Skeptic Lynne is what? Well the The Principal of Virtual School for the Gifted, and what is this all about - who can tell? So when it comes to the claim she "educate thousands" I am very skeptical about that. Sound good.