Saturday, August 14, 2004


This is from Royce J. Myers III and the fall of another BS fake! I stoped following Ban Burischs crap long ago. For a so call man, under Government control, Dan had a very big mouth. Ufology has a bag full of these shits, so when they get caught its an all round good day. See how they squeal. So good bye BS Dan.

"Dan Burisch was mankind's last hope to save the planet and ET from a cosmic catastrophe...at least that's what he and his suppoters would have you believe.

For those of you not familiar with Dan Burisch (aka Dan Crain), he claimed to be a Ph.D. microbiologist working on a top secret black ops project involving an alien named J-Rod. Burisch's story has been promoted by several people including Linda Howe, Bill Hamilton, and Ron Garner (former Reed UFO Fraud supporter) among others, as being authentic and verifiable. Others have had something to say about it for some time now and with the latest issue of UFO Magazine (see below image), another UFO fruitcake and his story has been sent packing down the dirtroad that brought both here."

And this from Ufologist Robert Gates
Subject: Re: Burisch Story Exposed - Gates

Can you see the pattern here?

1) Somebody tells some incredible story. For example think ofthe terms Burisch, Reed/Raith, Shargel and others.

2) The story can't be verified or checked out, usually thereason given is because it is some super secret black projectthat nobody can talk about.

3) Researchers don't check much into the back ground of theperson telling the story, and don't verify any claimeddegrees...after all the black government covers all of that up.

4) Researchers promptly start promoting and distributing thestory all over the Internet, talk radio and many other sources.They do so in such a fashion that it is believed to be absolutefact, never to be doubted.

5) Story disentegrates and those people who promoted, distributed, and defended are rarely to be found, prefering tomove on to the next person telling a story or news item. Inessence slink into the shadows.

I Agree!