Saturday, August 14, 2004


It never ceases to amaze me how skeptics see science as some how immune to any critical thinking. This blind faith in science is oddly enough religious. When you see daily events where science jack boots change onto the general populus and without exception, not one murmur of caution from the skeptic cult about how these changes will effect us all, then one must question the mentality of the so called skeptics or our “keepers of the truth”.

Take the recent change in British policy on human clone research.

Not one post, not one howl from the skeptics?

The very next day after the UK announcement, skeptic Dr Paul Jewell in Message 26760 decided to pipe up with some words of wisdom nay advice, after some poor lost skeptic sole tries to blunder through the anti church dribble skeptics love to feed on.

"Religion has some good stuff about how to treat other people. Don't murder, steal or generally harm another person.......that's cool”

“Well, no. That's not religion's stuff - that's ordinary people stuff. Iwant to challenge religion's constant claim to the ownership and authorityof morals.”

“Quite often a religion will assert some value that is worthy and that we can all agree with (Don't harm people) but we simply don't need the rest of religion's trappings in order to be moral. Morality is better if notconflated with religion.”

Did he say “challenge religion's constant claim to the ownership and authorityof morals.” Oh yes he did.

Pray tell Dr Jewell how about the moral issue with human clone research?

Not a word. In fact this dim light has no comments to issue. A staff member of Flinders University Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law, Theology and a weird membership with the Australian Bioethics Association one would expect some ethical comment on clone technology. Even an examination of his papers provides nothing to back up his righteous blab or moral position. Yes his beloved science struts around hiding ownership and the authority from us all. I support this type of research but we need voices to challenge all the claims and assumptions this type of research jack boots common man with.

So where are you Dr Jewell? That’s right not one word in the belfry of “skeptic chapel”.

So what does this moral preacher talk about? Well take a look you tell me:

“Ethical Strategies for Dealing with a Changing World”
“Humour in Cognitive and Social Development: Creative artists and Class clowns.”
“Gifted Education in a Democracy: Refuting the Critics.”
“Medical Records, Patient Autonomy and Professional Judgement”
“The Fallacy of Availability”
“Measuring Moral Development”
"Martial Arts and Critical Thinking in the Gifted Education Curriculum"
"The Fallacy of Availability"
"Measuring Moral Development: Feeling, Thinking and Doing"
"Leaders and Followers"
"Varied Cultures, Different Concerns"
"Debating Policy Issues"
“PEP Dance Lower Primary Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation.”
"May the Desert Bloom: Policies for Gifted Students in Australian Universities"
"Giftedness Through Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Caring Thinking"
"Making Sense of the World: Constructivism, Creativity and Intelligence"
"Thinking Strategies: Critical Creative and Caring Thinking""A Reasoning Taxonomy for Gifted Education"
"What Every Expert Thinker Needs"
"Moral Reasoning: Dancing with Birds"
"Rules for Reasoning"
"Snake Oil, Sophistry and Sterile Syllogism"
"Constructive Critical Thinking"
"Cross Cultural Communication about Critical Thinking"
"The Hidden Premise"
“Critical Thinking in Religion Studies.”
“By What Authority? Anarchism, the State and the Individual”
"Comprehensible Language"

It’s about time this skeptic cult member places a post up on his skeptic cult message site that addresses real issues, before taking the high ground on the failings of religion of which there is many issue. Try addressing some urgent science problems if you can Dr Terra Nulla?

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