Tuesday, September 14, 2004

U2 Spyplane in Tasmania!
DISCLOSURE AUSTRALIA - The journey so far
Based on a presentation by Debbie Payne at the Australian National UFO Conference June 2004.

Thats right Debbie, and everyone knew! So how does this help ufology?

"Over the years there have been a number of occasions when UFO researchers have run into UFO sightings generated by observations of "secret" aircraft. Triangles being a perfect example, are they, or aren't they ours?

To the best of our knowledge, no Australian researcher or group has suggested that "secret aircraft" have been the cause of any Australian UFO reports."

Well... No.

Although I'm sure they must account for some. It was therefore with surprise that we came across the following report when reviewing an RAAF UFO file."

No. They tell you they saw a U2 . Remember the U2, and we had 3 of them in Victoria, they are very hard to see, and move around at very high altitude. Also to make it harder for us all they made them BLACK.

"A Department of Agriculture inspector reported a UFO sighting to the RAAF in May 1961. Based on the information located in a digital copy of file series A703, a reconstruction of the incident is given below.

At 8.35 am on 25 May 1961 children were playing in the backyard of a house in Devonport, Tasmania. The children saw something in the sky which caused them to get a Mr Y. out of the house. This male witness reported seeing one definite object in the sky. In colour, it was "silvery but not reflective" and in shape "shaped like a thermometer or a pencil without a point."No detailed structure was noted, and there was no sound associated with the sighting. The object's speed was stated as slow. It was seen to the NNW of Devonport travelling in a straight line.

Question 26 on the RAAF Report Form, which was filled in by the RAAF interviewer, asks for the "Location of any air traffic in the vicinity at the time of sighting. U2 aircraft over Great Lake at approximately 8.15 am travelling in a northerly direction, leaving a distinct vapour trail."

So what were we doing with a U2 Spyplane flying over Tasmania in 1961."

Easy question they were here for two reasons to do upper atmospheric sample research and to help the American Space Flights.

Did we know they were here, well yes. And did people get them mixed up with UFO well no!

Everyone knew they were there. So nothing new down that way Deb.