Wednesday, September 08, 2004

An Interview With Andy Roberts
An English Nut

Stuart Miller does a wonderful interview, when he tackles one of the UKs big mysteries a nutter called Andy Roberts. The interview is a long ride over strange mental ground. A long ride of 23 pages, p52-75, but a telling ride one should take.

Roberts is a sad angry man anti ufology, who is anti American, anti beliefs who seems hell bent on being a spoiler, pain in the arse or pest. What makes this all very interesting is the constant and fake Vail like image of Roberts who thinks or wants us all to believe he is a righteous common good type of guy, out to get or destroy anything that does not fit the real world according to his belief system.

"... that many people would be happy if they never heard from me again. Then they would be stupid with no one to take them to task about it and the lunatics would have taken over the asylum" (para 6 p63)

In reality this deranged fool is a hoaxer and a convicted drug trafficker who from what I can read, spent a bit of time under or on the drug train so much so that he thinks he can actually define belief via a drug habit? "Psychedelics taught me about the nature of belief and how easy it is to get snared by any one belief". (para 9 p60)

Where he gets his information from one can only guess, take this very wrong statement "Believe it or not you have to try very hard to get addicted to heroin" (para 6 62p) what a load of simplistic rubbish. You see a guilty mind at work here as Roberts weaves a web to lighten his past activities.

Then another reason why people believe: "People, by and large, seem easily satisfied by superficial trappings. I blame the decline of the Grammar School system..." para 5 p59 I wish life was that easy to understand.

And this interesting spin, when asked if he was religious: "Religious? - nah, kill 'em all..." (p60) then when talking about his new wife "I thank the Lord I've found a good Christian woman at last". (para 2 p63) Even when he writes about his boy friend Prof David Clarke you see the mixed up mind cross over, take this line "He [Clarke] will go to heaven, although I doubt if I'll see him there" (para 2 p58) but I thought he had no beliefs?

And the ego... in regards to his research work on UFOs well this "has illuminated UK ufology more than any others in the history of the subject" (p65) Then we have this statement about some booklet his produced called "CATFLAPS!" "... it sold extremely well and became a classic" (para 1 p55) A classic what, never seen it or heard about it after my 30 years or so.

The astonishing swings between belief system and anti belief system littered the interview, constantly you see contradictions.

For someone who doesn’t believe we see this little gem, when it comes to Roberts new wife Gaynor Wootten (para 9 p57 nee Sunderland), Gaynor was the subject of Jenny Randles book "Alien Contact" and is the founder of the Psychic Questing Movement, who by an odd twist to Roberts odd world is a believer (para 2 p63).

And what next well a list of projects but this one takes the cake "Writing an article about the hippie subculture and UFOs in the UK", I see another list of excuses on how LSD=UFOs.

You get an idea that the gears up stairs are in need of a good oil when Roberts talks about a summer water accident where he nearly drowns and how did he react well: "I was rescued and emerged from the water laughing my head off in a combination of shock and joy at being alive" (para 5 p60) Right... laughing?

This man is a mixed selection of nuts and not very nice nuts, that runs a Hostel with 15 staff and 40 beds, now that’s interesting.

Go have a read all very revealing.

Well done Stuart. READ