Monday, September 06, 2004


"Re my new book, patience will be needed. Latest advice from Paraview PocketBooks, a division of Simon & Schuster, is that my book will emerge in April 2005! By then I will have probably forgotten what it is about, but while it floats in the memory cells, it is something like CSI meets the X-Files, with analien abduction focus, advocating forensic and scientific focusing on abduction experiences, covering investigations in Australia, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, andthe US. Hope you find it of interest." Bill Chalker- AUFORN Message 6711

I wonder why Simon & Schuster have the book on such a long holding list? Word around the Sydney publishers traps, has the book on a death list. Well lets see? When it comes out is still months away. Something must be wrong for such a late start.

If we have a look at Bill Chalker last print run then we may find or see the reasons for the delay.

The last book the OzFiles was a poor show when it comes to UFO books. So I see no reason to expect anything new or better with the new book. Don't take my word for it have a read, this is from the UFORQLD files.
"While the book is extremely well researched and the anecdotal evidence provided vacillates between entertaining and astounding, due to the nature and size of the book we only seem to catch short and tantalizing glimpses into the accounts presented, and seem to be forever left with a feeling of not really getting anywhere."The Oz FilesAuthor: Bill ChalkerReview: Lee
I agree, it looks as if this new book is "not really getting anywhere".