Friday, September 03, 2004


"In his earlier research, Bill Chalker interviewed a former Government worker, by the name of Harry Turner, who had a serious interest in the topic. Turner’s name crops up from time to time in documents on Government files in the Archives. Inquiries revealed that Turner was still alive and willing to be interviewed by the Disclosure Project. Therefore, in June of this year, Dominic McNamara and Bill Chalker spoke to Turner about his involvement."

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Now my question to Bill and Dominic is this, what did you learn from all this talk? Nothing as I see it, well nothing new.

And this gem.

Q. Did you see any serious level of interest inside the Australian Government about UFOs?

"No. When Prof Allen Hynek came out from the USA, Harry and Hynek went to interview O’Farrell, in 1973. (12) All this was done via the back door. People didn’t want to be involved due to potential risk to their careers. Harry said that it was the first time that O’Farrell had openly talked about his personal sighting in 1954."

What a load of rubbish. How do you think Hynek found out about O’Farrell? I have a 1955 transcript of a long interview with O’Farrell. And that was not the only time he told his story. O’Farrell story was investigated by a number of Victorians ufologists and through that contact Hynek requested a meeting be set up.

Oh Dear... I could go on forever on this case.

All in all, this project interview has little to nothing of great importance, as or like Turners memory.

Like I said go have a read, you decide.