Friday, September 03, 2004

UFO Review Issue 4
Stuart Miller

"In our most schizophrenic edition yet, we have two majorinterviews. The first is with Will Hart, alternative historianand author of "The Genesis Race" who discusses his latest ideasabout Man's origins and his dismantling of Darwin's Theory ofEvolution, as well as his next book. The other interview is withThe Devil."

"Not the actual Devil you understand but his representative onEarth, Andy Roberts, well known sceptic and message board & Listcombatant. This is an extremely rare and very open and honestinterview with Andy who not only discusses his professional butalso his private life as well. As to be expected, this is a hardhitting and rather direct dialogue and will offend many. Not forthe faint hearted. Bit of a scoop this, I say modestly. Get toknow and understand the man you want to strangle!"

"Also, we look at the Jason Leigh Cleburn case again, Noah's Arkand pyschosis within abductions, plus cartoons, book reviews,and general irreverent satire. Amazing value for the incredibleprice of... errr... nothing!"

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