Sunday, January 30, 2005

That Old Skeptic Phillip Adams
Has Death On His Mind, Again!

In today’s Australian (Magazine) the old die hard 100% skeptic Phillip Adams, has again returned to the theme of death. This must be his 30th report on the subject and they don't seem to help him, settle his skeptic NO GOD mind. It looks as if this man needs some faith, a GOD. But he struggles trying to justify his short time left. Yes it happens to all of us, yes folks we are all going to die... so to believe in GOD is a good bet... if your wrong than who cares, but if your right then YES!!!

Now when it comes to the skeptic big mouths the matter of death, even love, the end & God are so hard to remove. They wash with words and ideas “I’m not afraid”, but oh, yes they are. Try as they may it still gets back to the mind... so many days left so little time and thus we have a dilemma... for Adam he wants to cross over but the ego and the many years of living on bull shit trying to tell us & show us how strong and important he was, playing the Jokers Death Card, what fun it was - but now it's coming back to cause grief... I hope he has a long life or should I say a very very long death... enjoy what you have left Mr Skeptic, if you get your way that’s all you have left – NOTHING in the end!.

There’s so much to think about
Phillip Adams

"January 29, 2005LIFE is short. Life is also very long. While its passing leaves you breathless, times when you feel time as a G-force, in the same breath, in the same breathlessness, you can look back over its immensity, its panoramas, its event horizons.

As a kid, terrified by the brevity of life, at least when contrasted with the terrors of eternity, with the dread of non-existence, you yearned to be able to stop time. Or at least slow it down. But how to do that?

I’ve always resented sleep – to spend a third of one’s precious life unconscious,even if there were dreams to be had in the surreal cinema of the mind. Once, in a maths class, I calculated that the biblical allotment of “three score years and ten” amounted to not millions of hours but a miserable 613,200. To lose around 200,000 to sleep seemed intolerable. Hence my decision to become an insomniac.

For the truth is you can pack an awful lot into those 400,000 waking hours even if, despite your best efforts, you waste a great many of them.

I’ve only got five years left from the three-score-plus-ten. Which gives me an unspent balance of 1825 days before I go into overdraft. Or 2,628,000 minutes. Or 260 weeks."