Thursday, January 27, 2005

Windsor Castle Hand

"My daughter Katie is a student at Boston University and is studying abroad in England this semester. On January 15th, she and her friends were touring Windsor Castle. You're not allowed to take photographs inside the palace which for college kids meant "please take as many photos as you like". Under stealth she took several photos including this one inside The Queen's Chapel. It shows a huge white billowy right hand coming into the frame from the top right. The scale compared to the people below is huge. You'll notice that it
also casts a shadow which is perspectively correct."

"She said there were no statues, paintings, or other kids in the frame; and definitely no"guards". She was trying to photograph the beautiful ceiling artwork at the time. She described it to me as an indication that she should not be taking the picture. I agree, but regardless, this is what was on the image. She didn't look at it until she got home and only then realized what had occurred. We immediately thought your listeners would be interested. Keep up the great work."