Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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This letter (Below) is in the current edition of Australian Ufologist ( Vol8 No6 2005 March p57 col 2 ) and Oh Dear.. Bill Chalkers seems to get it in the neck, again. Good questions Mr Cathcart, - those endless same old talks, - and problems with those so called DNA tests done by Bill. - Yes I agree! Can I say the word test... not very open, independent or scientific are they…

How he things he was going to get away with a home made DNA test lab, only God knows.

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Dear Mr Frola

Attendees of the talks given by Lloyd Pye, Valery Uvarov and Bill Chalker at Lidcombe Catholic Club on 2 October 2004 may have felt slightly appalled at the trio's session. In animals but not plants Pye successfully argued the macro mutational impossibilities of Darwinian Theory but two thirds through his talk brought his credibility into question by withering into absurd diatribe about the great pyramids, a twelfth planet, humans as a gold mining slave species and the skull of a severely deformed child; undoubtedly one of the 4000 genetic defects possessed by humans.

Uvarov presented an excellent treatise on Tunguska and related events but suddenly transformed himself into a rabid evangelist bashing the fear of God into us. Someone should tell Uvarov that the Jews created God, then God created imbeciles, the Black Plague, tuberculosis, McLeods Daughters, Alexander Pudkin, George Bush and Osama Binladen.

Bill Chalker retold the story of the alien hair sample and his continuing search for evidence of a crashed saucer in the outback. Bill, at some stage, should consider giving a more detailed talk on exactly how the Polymerise Chain Reaction works and the chemical mechanics of obtaining a DNA profile.

There are unresolved issues mildly affecting Bill's credibility at the moment. These include whether the alien hair sample was also independently analysed, the refusal to divulge his monetary grant sponsor and whether he considers two or three years of searching the saucer wreckage to be a wild goose chase with the witnessed event being no more than an alien generated hologram to cultivate fear and confusion.

Robert Cathcart
Coomba NSW

Australian Ufologist - Vol8 No6 - 2005 March - P57 - col 2