Friday, March 11, 2005



In our comments section our intrepid “UFO Desk Hunter” and master of all old facts, Bill Chalker, posted this odd reply within of his SOP glove puppet rants…

"Again central is the hair sample and the DNA work which is not subject to halluncinations. An earlier probable PRA "glove puppets" trotted out claims of a litany of errors in our DNA work on a skeptical web site. I also address this in my forthcoming book "Hair of the Alien". Pity he really lost the plot imagining a "chinese man of mystery" having sex with both Peter & Vivian Khoury to account for his convoluted and deluded take on the story - a defamatory claim, made without foundation. The Chinese man was a lab worker who had no contact with Peter or Vivian, but this didn't stop this critic's leaps in logic." - Bill Chalker 03.04.05 - 10:56 pm

After reading the above, I was lost folks, let me say I had no idea what he was talking about… with a bit of snooping and a few emails I have discovered the foundation to his odd psychosis.

It seems that Bill was taken to task; because of all things - his idea of what a scientific paper looks like is no where based in reality… Give the paper a read www.cufos.org/strange_evidence.pdf, it's a scramble between the “I’s” (Qty 292) and the “Me’s” (Qty 59) the paper in question, lacked any coherent structure or direction and for a so called scientist well… I can see why he got it in the neck... don’t give up you day job Bill.

However, the part in question (below) appears in the text, without any clear identification of who or whom the said "Chinese man" is… so that’s the point Bill… you took a sample off him but you never introduced him? Now you have but that's oh so late for the, Oh yes “lab worker”.

"Because of the subsequent clarification of the nature ofthe anomalous hair DNA sample, additional controls fromblood samples were obtained from the young man, his wife,and a Chinese man who spent some time in the same roomas the alien hair (but who never contacted it directly)."
"Strange Evidence"
By Bill Chalker
IUR SPRING 1999 - p16 Col 1 Para 2

I did a search of the document for the word “worker”, as you guess rightly = ZERO!

Now lets see that again “a Chinese man who spent some time in the same room as the alien hair” how descriptive and accurate was that folks.

Oh Dear!