Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TIME MACHINE! ForTimeTravel?
On sale eBay.

This is a great odd item (Thanks PRA for the link), all very Fort... I would love to follow up on such a wild story.. you never know what you would find.... its a great read go and have a look!

"Hello, I am selling what I believe to be a time machine that was built in the year 2239 by Dr. J. S. Strauss. I found the machine under my house when I was doing remodeling to the bathroom. The machine was hidden in a old rotten wood chest along with some other findings that I believe to be related to the machine like old pictures, letters, ect. I dont know to much about time machines or electronics, but from my observations I believe that the machine might have caught on fire, at some time or another from the looks of the inside, and is now in a non working condition. It also looks like there might be some parts missing on the inside, but I dont know. The time machine itself is not to heavy it weighs 20 pounds and it is 18" high by 23" wide and 11" depth.

From what I put together from all of the findings is that Dr. J. S. Strauss who built the machine in 2239 went into the past to the early 1900's and the time machine broke down or caught on fire or something. From the pictures and letters it looks like he was living in southern california for a while, it looks like he also met some friends and a girlfriend there.

I found the time machine in december of 2004 and I have tried to get it to work but I could not, I even called my best friend who has worked on cars, even he could not get it to work. I know this time machine might be one of the most important discoveries of all time, but if I cant get the time machine to work, then its not worth that much to me, so that is why im selling it on ebay. Also I figured I could get a little extra money so I could finish remodeling my bathroom."

Here is a list of things you will get:

1- the time machine

2- a letter dated july 3, 1930 by J.S.

3- a poem that seems to relate to time travel.

4- a check dated dec 23, 1926 with J.S. signiture

5- a photograph of mal, floyd, reuben dated march 16, 1930

6- a photograph of who I think to be Dr. J.S. Strauss dated Jan. 1926

7- a small key for some kind of suitcase

8- two small bottles

9- a blank book of matches

10- a book of electronic inventions with the name Glenn Thompson written in it (who I think to be a guy who had the machine for awhile in the 1970's.)