Friday, June 10, 2005

U.S. scientists Say They Break Rules
Jun 9, 2005

BLOOMINGTON, MN, United States (UPI) -- Minnesota researchers found one in three U.S. scientists admitted in an anonymous survey they committed scientific misconduct in the previous three years.

The survey, conducted by HealthPartners Research Foundation, found 33 percent of scientists admitted breaking rules that are supposed to ensure the honesty of their work, the authors report in the British journal Nature.

The misbehaviors range from claiming credit for someone else`s work to changing study results due to pressure from a sponsor, reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"Our findings suggest that U.S. scientists engage in a range of behaviors extending far beyond
falsification, fabrication and plagiarism that can damage the integrity of science," the authors
write in a commentary in the journal, which is released Wednesday.

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