Sunday, July 03, 2005

Breakfast with Kerri Anne & Bill Chalker

Many thanks to Richard Saunders, the top dog at the Australian Skeptics for this link (in a post too our comments below) . Well on the 29th June, CH9 TV - AM Morning Show - Breakfast with Kerri Anne, CH9 did an item on "War Of The Worlds blah blah" and they got guest to came in for their take on aliens and all thing from outer space... if you missed it well thanks to Richard we now have a audio copy of the interviews from Bill Chalker 5min of fame.

Its about 5min long so have a listen.


Richards Site:

I never got to see the live TV item, at work... but it looks as if CH9 did a ''beam me in scotty' on bill... oh well... bill took it in his stride.