Monday, May 24, 2004


Just recently Evangelist John Chapman gave the opening address to a 4 day recreating Australia conference at the Melbourne Concert Hall to 500 church leaders from Oz, NZ & USA he noted:

"If heaven is better than Australia, it can only be marginal".

See AGE 13 May 2004 p3

Well I knew that!


George Negus Tonight (GNT) History on ABC TV on Monday May 24, 2004, 6.30pm was not that bad. Well I could have done a better job at the production. As stories go with some TV programmers the UFO subject came over as say a little nutty to interesting. It seems from the words of George Negus that he is a skeptic; well he reported that he was an Honorary Member of the Australian Skeptics.

I was surprised how time has gone, Colin Norris is 84... God! But he looks very well and in his odd way came over as an interesting person, someone who you would like to have some time with. The old ABC film of Colin from the 60s was great... he is truly one of the originals.

The "Port Arthur Ghosts" segment was just average, the video taken by one of the people on the tour was very spectacular.

Lawrence Leung, don't give up your day job what ever that was? Just rubbish. Oh! did anyone feel that Leung was in fact a believer and not a skeptic? I did!

The clip on the "Disappearing Islanders" from Western Australia, well I knew about the tribe, but I have never seen a movie on the people, so the old black & white movies were great, they were big people.. Now, what happen to the reason for their disappearance... did she give that to us?

All in all this ABC production got - *** Stars - only because of the add on - old movies.