Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I have noticed a few complaints about people using the anonymity clause when making comments on topics or other post within the discussion page. Personally I have no problem with anyone keeping their identity closed, that’s fine. My argument is this, as researchers, especially with some subjects in ufology, it is a wonderful tool to open up arguments or data when those we want to talk to or hear from fear the medium, press or ridicule. Anonymity is a valid mechanism, if used appropriately it creates environments of free open disclosure. It is no panacea to good face to face dialog, but it has many good points when you’re in that confrontation bind. Lets face it, some people in ufology and the skeptics ranks are just out right thugs, when someone makes a comments against the thugs views, out come the sycophantic supporter, verbal threats, legal drivel and the email harassment flood all designed to frighten away any opposition. So for the moment anonymity is here to stay, get use to it folks.