Monday, July 19, 2004


This is a little sequence of comments between the President of the Australian Skeptics and online bloggers, (Look below or CLICK). After reading the exchange I was very impressed with this word tease, and I actually learnt something new. No doubt Richard has never kept this a secret, and why would he, yet it still begs the question why he changed over, that's if he did? What do you think?

LANCE STOW:  When Mr Saunders Senior a “Man of the cloth” discovered his progeny was an atheist then we have the truth about teens. They astonish even holy men. - Lance  Stow 07.18.04 - 2:47 am

RICHARD SAUNDERS:  That's Rev. Saunders and what makes you think I'm an atheist? - Richard Saunders 07.18.04 - 9:31 pm

GLEN:  Come on now Richard all true skeptics are atheist. No room for faith in that mind, or are you just a little bit pregnant? - Glen 07.18.04 - 10:55 pm

RICHARD SAUNDERS:  Yeah? I'm skeptical of atheists. How can they be so sure??? - Richard Saunders 07.19.04 - 1:30 am