Saturday, July 17, 2004


If you think we or our critics can pluck out facts and detail from a complex world and serve it up as a main course defence then we have some big hurdles to overcome, especially the human factor. The whole truth does not reside in ufology or the skeptic dull old grey matter it can live independently from our earthly gravity and flourish with out our fertilizer.

Military historian and author Sir John Keegan is defence editor of The Daily Telegraph, London and wrote this in the New Statesman, London 19 July 2004, about or highly equipped defence spooks & lookers:

"Intelligence experts hate conceding that truth [it never wins wars], the public collude [truth is lost]... the reason is that the fiction of intelligence, beginning with Childers and Buchan, reached its apogee in our age with the works of Ian Fleming and John le Carre, has worked so powerfully on Western imagination that many of its readers, including presidents and prime ministers, have been brought to believe that intelligence solves everything... If only life were so simple."