Wednesday, July 21, 2004

CH7 Sunday Sunrise - UFO PROGRAM

I missed the Mark Warren Sunday Sunrise (18th July 2004) segment on UFO & SETI, I don't look at the program as I am usually taking my long Sunday stay in bed rest. However, I thought I had missed the segment, but no Channel 7 has it up on their web site. There are two down load links take your pick.



This is a late production taken around the NSW national UFO conference just past. Not a bad piece, balanced and semi interesting. There is a shot from inside the conference, and the place looked rather empty. I thought Bill Chalker came up very well, did you see all the files Bill has at home (its about time a few researchers went over to Bills home and had a look at what he has - oh dear, I had to say that) but... I have my doubts about Matthew Favaloro. I find Matthew a bit of a cry baby always threatens ufologist for not helping his business and not once but it must be 3 times, that I know of, where he packs up his UFO kit and tells everyone he has left for ever, only to appear again some time down the track, a bit of a loon. The big surprise was US researcher Bud Hopkins, he looked woeful,stacked on the weight and old age has caught up, he seemed to dither a bit.

Mark Warren is a bit of a clown, so there was a chance he would drive the images that way, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not a great video piece but worthy of a second look.