Saturday, September 18, 2004

Unsolved Mysteries: UFOs
(4-Disc Set) First Look Pictures $49.98 Out September 7 2004

The Collection

Disc 1: Bentwaters UFO, Allagash Abductions, Crop Circles, Phoenix UFO, Nazca Lines, Mexico UFO, and Vancouver Lights.

Disc 2: Roswell, Roswell / Area 51 Connection, Hudson Valley UFO, Belgian UFO, Falcon Lake UFO and UFO Healing.

Disc 3: Australian UFO, Missing Time, Socorro Close Encounter, Kecksburg UFO, Texas UFO, and Face on Mars.

Disc 4: Men In Black, Canadian UFO, Wheatfields Visitations, Life on Mars, Interceptors, The Blob, and UFO Odyssey.

Review by Randy Miller III