Saturday, March 19, 2005

UFO Review issue 9

UFO Review issue 9, March 2005 is now available.


"Give the guy a chance"
Interview with Dr. Michale Salla who tells us what it is like to be one of the most criticised individuals within Ufology. An in depth overview of Exoplitics, an explanation of what it's about and where it's future lies.

Assemblage of comments about the Jennings UFO special

Crytptozoology Corner;
Strange, terrifying creature seen in garden pond.

Kithra casts an eye back over "Grandma on the telly" and Alternative 3

Mystery booms heard across London. Case solved!

"UFO Recognition Part 2"
Second part of a three parter from Bill Hamilton about how to recognise the beggars when they're flying around.

"Searching for the Truth"
Editorial from Dennis Balthaser

"India chosen nation for ET visitation. Aliens to share secretswith our leaders"
Exclusive report by Rashid Rabbitveryfast

"The abductee who looks forward to being taken"
Interview with best selling author Lisette Larkins about her life, philosophy, her early years, what makes her tick, and even a bit about ET.

"Did a UFO Crash in S.E. Missouri in 1941?"
Fascinating reader submitted article by SeekingMoInfo