Thursday, May 12, 2005

Karl Pflock Or Was That Kurt Peters

Ufologist Karl Pflock has ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease, now should we all feel sorry for Karl... well NO. In fact Karl is a dope and a bit of a hoax.

He likes to tout around stories about how he worked with the CIA and the Department of Defence, yeh right Karl! The great thing about Lou Gehrig's Disease Karl is this "Terminal =
FIO". We will be able to check your files, when you shift off your mortal coil like the rest of us... but one thing Karl I know, a few researchers have their FIO applications form filled out to see how much of a BS artist your really were.

Oh and why all this anti Karl well tell us all Karl about all that cloak & dagger Twilight Zone rubbish that you cooked up in that fading nut about your alias Kurt Peters.

He has tried to even his keel, but in my book - "once a hoaxer always a hoaxer".