Monday, May 09, 2005

UPDATE - Bill Chalkers New Book

From the comments:
http://www.haloscan.com/comments/ufoligist/111547782915605044/#86383 this comment:

"Paul", Given your characterisations of my forthcoming book "HAIR of the ALIEN" in such terms as a "dead book" etc, and me as a "dunce", etc, etc, I won't burden you with detail, other than to point out that neither the Simon & Schuster site or the Amazon site accurately list the page numbers etc. The book is 328 pages, plus colour photo insert pages & index. For those wanting further details check the URL link supplied. Bill Chalker 05.08.05 - 8:27 pm


Well we seem to have an odd change. The so called 224 pages listed at Amazon is not accurate now it's 328... Mmmmmmmmmmmm so I wonder what went on to create such an error?

Bill also reports:

"The reality is that the editors have been a pleasure to work with, professional and thorough. The reality is I was trying to slip in a much longer book than you will see, so the editorial discussion was mostly about shortening. I have been please they have put up with my voluminous endnotes and are going with an index."

"Voluminous", good God - well I be! The track record on this matter is not that great Bill. As I recall lots of "I's' and "me's" in that area. However, its a good SIGN?

Come on Bill, your out by 100 pages? And all the editors I know love books with endnotes and indexes, anything else is called fiction in academia.

"The Simon & schuster web site has posted the cover of my forthcoming book.
The book will have 328 pages plus index and colour photo insert pages." - Bill Chalker

Simon & schuster page link is this.