Wednesday, May 26, 2004


The below speakers list looks rather good. Some speakers are not my cup of tea, yet it looks like an event worthy of a visit, even if it is all the way up in Queensland. Good one Duncan.

Friday 24th—Saturday 25th—Sunday 26th September 2004
The Chifley at Lennons, Queen St., Brisbane, Australia
Duncan M. Roads, Editor, NEXUS Magazine
PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia.
Tel: 07 5442 9280; Fax: 07 5442 9381

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr Nick Begich (USA) - The world's leading activist into the HAARP project and other dangers of the misuse of Tesla technology by secretive groups.

Jim Marrs (USA) - Best selling author/researcher of conspiracy power groups, and their suppression of UFO info and related technology.

Valery Uvarov (Russia) - Head of Russia's UFO and anomalous archaeological research will share amazing info.

Wal Thornhill (Australia) - Internationally acclaimed researcher of the electrical nature of our solar system, and the cosmos.

Prof. Siegfried Tischler (Austria) - Internationally recognised expert on oil geopolitics and the future.

Lloyd Pye (USA) - Author and researcher puts the case for an ET origin of mankind whilst destroying Darwin's theories.

Nanci Trivellato (UK) - Leading researcher and presenter into all things connected to Out-of-Body experiences.

Richard Alan Miller (USA) - Highly respected researcher into Earth frequencies and their effects on living things, ie mind/mood control.

Malcolm McClure (Australia) - Your rights under Common Law, and what they don't want you to find out. Empowerment at its best!

Eve Hillary (Australia) - Respected medical researcher and activist exposing the growing suppression of natural health products and devices.

Jain (Australia) - Author and lecturer on Vedic Maths, Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares, Resonance, Harmonics and more.