Saturday, May 29, 2004


""The fine print in a flyer promoting a national conference on UFOs in Campbelltown next weekend contains a cautionary note. The current list of speakers could increase or decrease if unexpected circumstances beyond the control of the organisers should eventuate. For those dealing with claims that include alien abductions, the warning may be wise. Up to 200 people, including speakers from the United States, will attend the two-day event at the Campbelltown Catholic Club.""

And so on....

This was in the Sydney Morning Herald today. I wish them well but what a lot of lost abduction time. And any big notices for the public to grab... well this was the big news.

""Bill Chalker, a qualified Sydney laboratory chemist who runs http://www.theozfiles.com, will tell the conference about technology that can test physical evidence of alleged encounters. He says he has already had hair samples, recovered from two alleged NSW alien encounters, DNA tested.""

Our very own laboratory chemist? What that is all I can give you for the promo. But more our BCLC will "tell the conference about technology that can..." God no back to bed!

PS: What exactly is a laboratory chemist, a fat or sausage tester?

REF: It's Campbelltown, Jim, but not as we know it - By Richard Macey - May 29, 2004