Wednesday, June 09, 2004

DORIS STOKES - A Skeptics Argument

A few post back I gave you a quick critique on Lynne Kelly book "The Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal", to cut to the chase in the Sunday edition of the Herald Sun, 6 June 2004 p94-95, you can find a long extract from that book. I am not going to dwell on the extracts in that article you can do that, I just want to point out a very quick example of how Lynne Kelly's arguments are just stupid!

For example the English psychic Doris Stokes, who spent some time in Melbourne and was on the Don Lane Show (CH9) - IMAGE - got a big hit from Kelly. Now I am not going to defend Doris Stokes and what she believes in (Oh! she is dead) yet I get very P**S O** when I see rubbish like this,

"Stokes enjoyed a lucrative career but stacked her audiences with people she knew"

What a lot of rubbish!

Take a look at the audience in this image below (Again thanks to PRA). Your right that is an audience of 5000 people, more than a collection of close friends.


So she stacked this audience did she? Give me a break Lynne Kelly. I wonder how she was able to also stack the CH9 Done Lane show.

If Lynne Kelly (the Scientist) needs to use this as one of her explanations then she better have some data to back it up. I should point out the Great James Randi (one of Kellys heroes) got a verbal beating by no other than Don Lane on one of the 1980s Don Lane shows - when Randi tried the same lame trick to explain away Doris Stoke, Done Lane gave Randi one in the neck, and gave him the big push off the program (as I would have), you need to remember Randi is a hoax he plays tricks that is his game, nothing scientific about that ploy, if you want to get Doris Stokes you better use some logic and science, until then Lynne Kelly is like Randi a magician, and a poor one at that. I also need to point out Don Lane believed Doris Stokes claims.

As for me.. was she psychic... well I have no idea and I can tell you Randi and Kelly don't have the answers. Hell do I need to know or kill the idea, when or if Diris makes me feel safe, happy, sad, bad or good? - NO!