Saturday, May 29, 2004


Yep as I have reported the cunning children from the "Dr Evil & Frow Brow" family have written a "dastardly evil plot" to rid Mr Colin Norris of his life work. These are the secret transcripts from ASIO, ASIS and CIA tapes.

DEBBIE: We had discussed leaving his research to the Mortlock Research Library in Adelaide where any member of the public could view it's contents without it leaving the safety of this institution, but his son (who has little or no interest in the subject) won't allow it. As the rightful heir of Colin's possessions he will keep Colin's research and I have no idea what he will do with it.

BILL : Debbie, given your long involvement with Colin's group you may be able to answer some queries: 1. What involvement did Colin Hayvice have in Colin's group and "sorting out" his files?

GEORGE: I wouldn't be surprised if his son puts everything into garbage bags and dumps the lot when the time comes.

DI: George That's exactly what I heard his son would do if he got his hands on it, lets hope the gossip is wrong.

GEORGE: I have some ideas regarding this that we can talk about next week. See you in Sydney.

GEORGE: Diane, yep...this is typical of what people do when family members pass away..just throw out nearly everything. He's still here for now anyway, what are we talking about...

What are we talking about, the children from the "Dr Evil & Frow Brow" want his file num nut! So the "dastardly evil plot" well be executed in Sydney next month. The plot thickens - Help!