Saturday, June 05, 2004

Leopards are Prowling Britain, Survey Suggests

With our recent Victorian horse mutilation (Dandenongs)you may like to read this. I find it refreshing that the National Geographic Society covers these stories. They have done work on Crop Circles and many other odd phenomena, I am still waiting for the UFO story, however, 1000 marks on this fine effort!

James Owen in England for National Geographic News - June 3, 2004

"If it is true that big cats haven't lived wild in the U.K. for 2,000 years, then, judging from the results of a new survey, a lot of large house cats now roam the British countryside. Organized by British Big Cats Society (BBCS), the nationwide survey recorded 2,052 unconfirmed sightings of big cats in just 15 months, between January 2003 and March of this year."

That is a lot of sightings! Very odd.