Saturday, June 12, 2004


Is there anyone with a picture or a report? The conference is just on 7 days old and nothing from anyone? How odd - was it that bad! I hope not.

Hi Debbie Payne (and others) those of us who could not make your "Sydney Tea Party" I think we would be most interested in reading your conference paper, how about posting it up to your Disclosure web page re: site. I wonder if that would help.

Please no back slapping short emails, get some guts into it, review the event!


Yesterday (Friday 11th) I ran into Cameron Harvey who was just about to go into the Monash Admin block. A past member of VUFORS, Cameron was responsible for some of the analysis work on the Maureen Puddy Encounter, Melbourne 1972. I see Cameron around the place and when I can we get down to the cafe for a coffee and a chin wag. So what's new in Camerons world of the odd - well nothing, still reading, still thinking, and he still has no real idea why we all follow what Paul Norman calls "The UFO Trail".

I see many past present and important "Faces in Ufology" move through the green cement jungle around Monash. Usually from PRA but a few old VUFORS hard nuts.