Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Neil Kearney who I think has a spot on CH9 is on a quest, to travel Australia wide. In last Saturdays Herald Sun he describes his travels from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie and the Nullarbor Plain... in that article two facts got my eye.

The image on that page has a bill board about UFOs, I took a copy from Phenomena Research Australians server (Thanks PRA) - you can see that road sign.


The other point, also seen in the image was this:

MAMU - Pitantjara People

"At Yalata roadhouse, near the Aboriginal community south of Maralinga, I spotted a hollow piece of wood, almost two metres long. The Aboriginal craftsman had carved two snakes on to what was already a beautiful shape. I remarked to the roadhouse attendant that this bit of timber looked like it had a story to tell. He thrusted one end to my ear and motioned me to listen to the deep, thundering noises. "Mamu", he enthused, explaining that the Pitantjara people believe the rumbling sounds emanate from the demon's trapped within."

An interesting cross in the road for any traveller.

REF: Neil Kearney - "The Bold And The Barren" - Herald Sun 5 June 2004 p27