Monday, January 17, 2005

Life After Death
Sunday Mail Queensland
16th Jan 2005

This Extract:

SITTING alone with the body of her mother who had just died, Olivia Newton-John felt "an incredible presence" in the room.

"It was an energy I'd never felt before," the singer says.

Then, recalling a conversation the pair had some time earlier, she asked her mum to send a signal that she was OK wherever she now was.

"Make the candles move, or flicker, or something," Newton-John urged. Some small candles in the room moved a little, enough to reassure her.

But then she was called to the living room where family and friends were gathered.

"You'll never believe what happened," they said. A candle in that room had just exploded with a fizzing sound right under the picture of Newton-John's mother.

The incident is among a collection of stories of the supernatural in a new book - "The Dying Experience and Learning How To Live" By Author Mike.