Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Welfare Push On Jobless
Melbourne Herald Sun - Fleur Anderson - 19 Jan 2005

I love politics as its a very Fort process. Take this gem in today's local rag:

"LONG-term unemployed people and stay-at-home mums are the targets of Coalition MPs pushing Prime Minister John Howard to deliver tax cuts.

Australia's 530,000 unemployed would be weaned off welfare by replacing the dole with food stamps and utility credits that could not be spent on gambling, alcohol and cigarettes under a plan to be unveiled this weekend.

Liberal MP and member for the Gold Coast Steve Ciobo will push the plan at a Young Liberal and National Convention in Hobart on Sunday."

WHAT! - "spent on gambling, alcohol and cigarettes"

That's right the nut thinks that $30/day before tax = luxury.

This would be a better idea Mr Ciobo, you can have these for your new world plans.

Oh dear... I could go on with all this crap and sound just as dumb as our polly, can you see him agreeing with these close too Liberal items... would you do it?

Gold Coast Steve Ciobo
Your our DICK HEAD of the Week!