Saturday, March 19, 2005

Possible UFO Landing

Mmmmmmmm.... I don't thinks so.... looks like a road side workers light system.... I wonder?

"I was driving home from work around 5:20 PM, enjoying the sunset while driving. I noticed a strange object maneuvering among the contrails in the sky and thought I would snap a photo while driving. This photo was taken at the corner of Tenaya Way and Cheyenne Road outside of Las Vegas, on March 2, 2005. I was on Tenaya getting ready to turn onto Cheyenne.

When I got home, I noticed I didn't get that craft but got something else in the lower left-hand corner. The weird thing is, the area where the lights appear in the photo is a flood control basin, so there aren't any lights there.

If this is what I think it is, it's mind boggling. There are what I believe to be 3 craft that are distinctly visible. I would be very interested in what others have to say about this photo. Thank you. "

Sincerely, Scott -

Camera Info: I was using my Sony DSC-P92 digital 5 megapixel camera. EV was at 0 and shutter speed was 100. (The first image is the full shot, underneath are cropped and close-up images)