Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Glennys Mackay Robbed By XFriend?

In 1996 Glennys Mackay put on a MUFON UFO conference in Brisbane Australia - "The Australian International UFO Symposium" held from 11 to 13 October 1996 at the Mercure Hotel, Brisbane.

Read about the Conference:

At that conference Glennys alleged that someone close to her and from one of her 'inner helper(s) team 1996/97' had stolen approximately $10,000 from their door takings. Glennys reported, that in front of only one other person (Now an acid tongue X-Helper) that she placed the cash in a cash bag, then put that into a box under a covered table for safekeeping. It was not until the inner helper team started the clean up and close up stage that the money was discovered to be taken.

Glennys Mackay never called the police to report the alleged theft that day, even though she had her suspicion it was one of her then close friend and lady helpers. Glennys reported that "this person was the only one that knew about the cash".
It's very interesting that "The Ferret" (aka you know who) admits to being one of the workers. In fact she brings the subject up... to attack Glennys Mackay... how odd? Go have a read. Why, is this person so interested in Glennys Mackay's lost money.... Mmmmmm we smell a rat?


Why not report the case Glennys?

It was too late everyone was gone even Ms %$@&&* - "She did leave suddenly and early for some reason, but I had called the police early that day as David Summers editor of Exposure Mag had his car stolen, the Police came to the venue to interview him as he had had his computer and a number of other things stolen. So if we had known then... but I did next day... but it was too late".

Glennys had to pay the speakers out of her own pocket, it was her conference, I guess it’s in her helpful and kind nature, especially when you trusted someone (Acid Tongue) with the cash location then that person burns you. Not unexpected, that close partnership with the then friend broke up and to this day is very “Acid”. That "Acid tongue X-Helper" tries to deflect the money story back onto Glennys in the form of all types of personal attacks, go read the comments http://ufoferret.blogspot.com/2007/10/smoke-mirrors.html - I guess that's what a guilty conscience does. But Glennys, you should have reported it to the police that day.

Well that’s the allegation from Qld, in a nut shell. Believe it or not? The word from Qld is that the "Acid Tongue X-Helper" is at the Ferrets comment page, go read.

South Australia UFO Dumb Awards.
213 Yahoo "Adelaide UFO" Members have Bill Chalker as their dumb Awards winners.

We knew that. Need I say more?


University Exams.

October to Novembers is University exams and marking papers time, so it has been full on, little time to do anything else. But it's over at last until 2008.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ferrets Anonymity?

It has been pointed out to me, on another Yahoo Australian Research forum, that the Ferret (aka Short Queensland pom sub editor - Miss D Harass On Frogla) is in fact a hypocrite. That’s right folks a HYPOCRITE to boot. After our hearty laugh at her investigations skills, guess who hides behind anonymity.

Well the Yahoo forum had a good chuckle.

You guessed it?

Queensland invaded by UFOs
By Anooska Tucker-EvansOctober 21, 2007 01:00am

QUEENSLANDERS are leading reporters of unidentified flying objects, with more than 100 of the 128 recorded official sightings around Australia in the past two years coming from the Sunshine State.

And according to a Queensland UFO specialist, while many sightings were ruled out as stars, planets, meteors and planes, a "significant number" remained unexplained.

UFO Research Queensland's Lee Paqui said the state's hotspots for sightings included the Glass House Mountains, Toowoomba, Warwick, Ipswich and the far north.

"The most common sightings are the orange balls, and white balls that look like stars but move and display very erratic behaviour, like they'll make right-hand turns," she said.

Ms Paqui said many people were still wary of reporting their sightings for fear of public humiliation.

The Queensland research centre began operating in 1956 and was originally called the Queensland Flying Saucer Bureau.

It receives 1000 hits each day on its website http://www.uforq.asn.au/ and has sightings dating back to 1939.


Well done UFORQ!

UFO imitates Life

This was sent to me, one can only gaze in awe at how life parallels human belief systems. This is a good example of that.



Friday, October 19, 2007

You Got Me Ferret - NOT

Frogla Droppings on the Halker Log

OMG the little Queensland pommy editor has turned into a Ferret.

Please give up Miss Ferret. I was resting away from your crapolla. But this afternoon at my Univesity office, an email from a friend of George Simpson and another from UFORNSW arrived in my email box and this was the general thrust of the Ferrets droppings.

Posted by THE FERRET at Thursday, October 18, 2007
For years you have tormented members of the Australian UFO community and now you have been "BUSTED"!!!!



Sorry Miss D Harass On Frogla AKA The Ferret… But again you’re wrong. How sad for you, with all that internet code analysis and ferreting. FUI, I lifted the counter code from an old 1999 PRA web page, for fun… its free and cost PRA nothing, from what I can see they hardly use it. However, problem solved, I found another counter, just for you Madam Ferret!

Do you want to read the Ferrets stuff - Go See

Another big Snore… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

But alas, all my good Monash Uni IT friends followed your email and web page Telstra BigPond dropping, oh so quickly, and she thinks she is oh so smart!

Now Miss Ferret put my link to your blog, Please.

PS: Thanks to Georges Friend.

The Bearded Burglar Snorzzz NZ

Please, NOT AGAIN Bill Chalker, when will you get new material. How does this chump gets a free ride to a NZ Conference to sell the same rubbish;

2007 'Future Perspectives' Conference Speakers

And what does he talk about… your right the Khoury Dick Hair Story, again!

“Bill Chalker takes you on an extraordinary odyssey researching the alien paradigm, anchored in the remarkable and provocative "alien hair" case (of abductee Peter Khoury in Australia). This particular case has yielded breakthrough evidence that appears to support the idea that alien hybrids might be at the heart of the alien abduction controversy.”
Snore… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mr Peter & Mrs Bill Dickhair

Get some new material old cock!

Oh and it seems that the conference hit a bad spot with reporters and video producers.

Believers turn into sceptics after conference
The Daily Post, New Zealand - Oct 2, 2007

“Delegates at the UFOCUS New Zealand conference were less than impressed with American podiatrist Dr Roger Leir, who claims to have surgically removed alien implants from humans.”

PRA On YouTube

Thanks to the little old pommy editor in Queensland, Di Harrison aka the ferret, it seems that Phenomena Research Australia (PRA) has a place on the ever increasing YouTube world. I went and had a look and so should you. Well done PRA. Well done.

Go See:

UFOUpdates Is Kaput!

Well what can I say, Errol Bruce-Knapp you’re on the wrong path old chap. Now I am the first to acknowledge Errols work in the up keep of this wonderful collection of UFO material, but Errol, you have made one big mistake… hoping that people will pay to read the dribble between the good stuff is an end game play.

The facts are, over a week, only about 5 posts are worth the read. Now Errol may post up a hundred that week but who wants to read the shit… not me. So it’s good by UFOUpdate.
I offer this warning, because the pages are not observable to the general public, very soon all the links will disappear as the Google Search Spiders, by pass the closed shop front. After some time all you will have is the Dick Hall Mafia shit, with their heavy handed, brow beating talk from a high (Jerry Clark your on the borderline) - to look at and that folks, will spell the end.

Errol please open it up again so People & Google, can at least see archive after say 3 months, just close down the way people add comments (Membership), your dumb posting format rules and then advertise the page.

Stuart Miller – Hall Is a…

Stuart Miller, the British ufologist, has come around to the mass consensus that Dick Hall is a DICK! In his new Blog http://alienworldsmag.blogspot.com/ he sets out the reason why.

The part I like is this:

Thursday, 18 October 2007

UFOs and Science
“People who have had long, distinguished careers in a subject, who have contributed through books and even been a part of the history, should command the respect of others. That Dick Hall doesn’t do that for me is either a testimony to my mean mindedness or a tribute to his ability in pissing people off. Dick requires patience and “understanding” to deal with, and I can’t be bothered.”

“A major area of antagonism is his complete lack of good grace or manners towards others. Fresh from snarling at all and everyone, he has recently posted this message to the UFO UpDates message board. It’s about science and UFOlogy. In between regularly insulting the entire List about its complete lack of any scientific bearing or approach, it would seem that it is only him, a non scientist, who truly applies the scientific method in analysing UFOs.”

Dickhead Hall the old fart of ufology.

However, nice report and Blog Stuart.

Also read:


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Is Bill Chalker Up Too?

Well like normal I get my daily fix of UFO information from UFOUpdates, it’s a great site, full of interesting bits and its measure of ego & vanity. But I digress, well out of the blue the “Great Master of Everything” the one an only Bill Chalker, had a post SEE I crawled my way through all the vanity and ‘Boo Hoo’, poor me rubbish and got to the end… asking myself “Myself - What The?”

Wikipedia's 'UFO History Wars'?

The Great Master of Everything

Seven entries got my eye:

1. “and much of it replicates the information that has emerged through the recent Australian Disclosure project.”

Well? Bill make it sound like the information was hidden, special, and the Project found the ‘lost treasure’. Sorry Bill, all old info, and God it’s all out due to the 25 or 30 year Australian Government rule… Good try at exclusivity, chump!

2. “I say "anonymous" as the author uses the handle "Vufors". Iconnected the well known group VUFORS to check if my suspicionswere correct, that this was not the work of the VUFOS committe.”

What was that!!!!

I thought I was bad… but he must have been in a pissed off & rushed… with all the typos…

VUFORS help you Bill.. not very likely. They still see you as trouble… “MALFUNCTION JUNCTION”… oh bearded one. More like they gave you a good old ‘BUM STEAR’!

3. “anonymous fragmented content and style that often appeared on the demented Paul de Blog Australasian Ufologist blog site..”

Gee what can I say… I’m famous!

4. “With my book, The OZ Files, back in 1996 I try to provide a
modest popular history.”

Yes back to his views, the history in his first book is a two page summary… great historical doco that entry.

5. “Some of my other contributions on Australian history are tofound on the web at sites like Project 1947 and my own web site:”

Just in case you had not been told for the 100th time… king vanity.

More "I" & "Me" lists.

6. “I am passionate about theopen and transparent documentation of UFO history. An anonymous party..”

And please tell us about your DNA secret collage group who work through you, for some reason… you know Bill… the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group (APEG) thingee.

And finally,

7. “Clearly many additional sources have surfaced, but some seem rooted in a lack of transparency,..”

But this is the best one.

You see in Bill’s head, he thinks that he has all the possible historical, data, event and outcomes that can possible exist… and no one else can have new data…

I must follow this up a little more, as when you see Bill and his “little AUFORN Queensland editor general DH”… you have some thug & bully works in the pipes.

Poor BILL, you just don’t get it do you!

Hall The The Agent/Tracker?

The BS Tracker

"Further, while in charge at NICAP I had NICAP investigators tracking and investigating Adamski all over the country, andpersonally investigated him when he was in the Washington, D.C.,area. We caught him in lie after lie, contradiction aftercontradiction. Actual thorough investigation, not wild-eyed andarbitrary assumptions about how honest or dishonest aliens are."

Hall was able to get someone to track George Adamski all over the USA? Now that is a "blowhard full of BS". No limits to this blob?

From: Richard Hall <hallrichard99.nul>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:50:47 +0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 17:52:57 -0500
Subject: Re: Colonel Corso & His Critics - Hall


Monday, November 28, 2005

Kevin Randles And His BS!

"In other words, isn't it time for the proponents of exopolitics to properly vet the backgrounds and the tales of thewhistleblowers rather than simply defend them? Isn't time for us to stop embracing every tale we are told that appeals to us simply because it appeals to us? Shouldn't we instead search to find the truth in a field with the voices of the charlatans seem to drown out the voices of reason."

Kev Randles Blog:

Let us start with your back ground Kev! A detailed critique, and let us see what shit you have told us all - over the years.

What a dope.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Non-Terrestrial Officers

"I found a list of officers' names," he claims, "under the heading 'Non-Terrestrial Officers'."

"Non-Terrestrial Officers?" I say.

"Yeah, I looked it up," says Gary, "and it's nowhere. It doesn't mean little green men. What I think it means is not earth-based. I found a list of 'fleet-to-fleet transfers', and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't US navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet."


BBC World Service
"The Interview" radio interview with Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon has appaeared on the BBC World Service radio programme "The Interview":

"This week 'The Interview' talks to the man described by US prosecutors as "the biggest military computer hack of all time". Briton Gary McKinnon stands accused of breaking and entering into US secret computer systems, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage, and effectively immobilising the military district of Washington DC for three days in 2002. He faces charges in the US which could lead to up to 70 years in jail. Speaking in his first broadcast interview just days before his extradition hearing, McKinnon considers his own sense of naïve wrong-doing, but also denies causing damage and says he was acting out of "humanitarian" motives. "

Listen to The Interview

Non-Terrestrial Officers


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

8000 Blog Hits

Yes folks another record for us... be it so humble, not bad for a Blog that the AUFORN blow fly wish was dead. Thanks for the support.

Taken From An Auforn Members Meeting

UFO files opened
REPORTER: Glenn Connley
BROADCAST DATE: July 25, 2005

Are we alone? For the first time the accounts of people who believe they have seen UFOs are being made public.

Dominic McNamara, head of the Australian UFO Research Centre, has spent several years unlocking hundreds of restricted files from the government's top secret national archives. These files detail UFO sightings from outback drunks to military personnel.

There were even some people who said they had been beamed up and taken aboard friendly flying saucers.

According to the unlocked files, Woomera, in outback South Australia, had the highest rate of UFO sightings of anywhere in the world.

Woomera is an isolated, restricted government-owned military region where the Australian Department of Defence tested its aircraft, weaponry and rockets for decades.

As the military watched the skies they saw a lot more than their own planes. Now found and
declassified, secrets are revealed, like the night the air force tested a plane called the Canberra.

"This object descended, came across the flight path of the Canberra, matched its speed, tracked with it ... and departed at a speed over 3600 miles an hour," Mr McNamara said.

"In the early 1950s that just wasn't possible," he added.

Mr McNamara said there was little doubt many of the 1800 files were deliberately hidden or made difficult to find.

For further information contact Dominic McNamara’s X-Files hotline on (08) 8255 6568.

The Australian UFO Research Network:

Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre: