Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kevin D. Randle - Two Or Three Faces

Kevin Randle see's Michael Salla http://www.exopolitics.org/ information and ideas as being black or white, when in fact what Salla is trying to do is look at the grey edge, without any judgment and see what pops up or wiggles out of the mist of fact & fiction. Consequently all the old ufologist mothers have come out with howl down Salla and his new idea...

Like this negative return:

"This presupposes that the testimonial evidence from the Disclosure Project and the documentary evidence in the MJ-12 documents can be trusted. I'm suggesting that neither source canbe trusted and theref ore any reliance on them as a basis toargue for a hard cover up is flawed in the beginning." http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/updates/2005/apr/m22-007.shtml

And at the end this bit:

"In these three cases, and in many othersthat simply does not exist. You then suggest that proves them to behonest. To me it suggests they are telling tales and have found awilling listener." http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/updates/2005/apr/m22-007.shtml

Well Kevin lets look at your case... Oh and let's see if your information rules hold true for you or have you got an excuse for your situ...

Now back in 1995 we get this Randle gem:

"Kevin D. Randle is a former Army helicopter pilot and Air Force intelligence officer, Captain in the U.S.A.F.R, who has been writing about the UFO phenomenon for more than twenty-five years." http://www.ufoevidence.org/researchers/detail78.htm

Take this Mar 2003 we have:

"My National Guard unit has been activated so that I am now full time in the Army. Although I enjoy the enchanges on UpDates, I do not have the time to read the messages and respond so I need to unsubscribe at this point. I'm hoping to resubscribe in a few weeks (And for Stan who once asked if I have ever been on active duty as an intelligence officer... the answer then, as it is now, Yes.)"
From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 11:01:08 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 14:31:33 -0500
Subject: Call Up

Then this Nov 2004.

"I have returned from my duty in Iraq and was released from active duty at the end of September... though we had things to clean up. I am now, again, a member of the Iowa Army National Guard and have been promoted to major."

From: Kevin Randle
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 16:11:46 EST
Fwd Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 06:06:20 -0500
Subject: Re: Kevin Randle? - Randle

Iowa Army National Guard? What??? Come on KR, I thought you were a Captain in the U.S.A.F.R!

Ok.. the point is this, what is the fact or fiction aka true position of KR? Mind you have a look at his photo, does this man look fit for combat? Nah! So yeh right Kevin, Iraq story - good one...?

Your another name ufologist will be looking up when your off this coil. I hope you crossed all your "t" and dotted all your 'i"!

Thank God for FOI.