Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Let The Revolution Begin

You know I am not a fan of Dick Hall...

They Cut Him Out!
Dick Hall Not Going To Talk - What Again!

So what's new you ask... well for good reason the DH mob are locked away in the past. That's why I like researchers who keep up to date, for example; Phenomena Research Australia (PRA), UFO Research Queensland (UFORQLD) & UFO Research NSW (UFORNSW) - So am I alone on this? Well... No! Take this recent blogpost, take what you need from it, you don't have to agree too everything, but have a read, this is good food for the mind.

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The UFO Void
By Christopher Jay

"Is anything going on in the UFO world that matters?

"Old UFO cases are being dredged up to re-activate a moribund UFO community; the premise is that "new technologies" might discover something that inept investigators missed early on.

When one listens to the Toronto-originated radio show "Strange Days Indeed" hosted by Errol Bruce-Knapp (who maintains the popular UFO UpDates e-mail list), they will hear a couple hours of prattle, opinionizing of the dreariest kind.

This is what happens typically at other UFO venues: Rense.com for instance. The discussions are rife with hearsay and purloined misinformation from questionable sources but accepted as gospel by those promulgating themselves mostly.

Discipline is sorely lacking in "ufology." Casual investigations, enhanced histories, and foolhardy theories abound, and have abounded since 1947.

Some of the RRRGroup, Rich Reynolds in particular, admire Stanton Friedman because he has dedicated himself to the UFO mystery without recompense equal to his dedication and hard work to unravel the UFO enigma.

But Stan Friedman is locked into cases and episodes which, if clarified by further investigation, will do nothing to explain the UFO phenomenon in real terms. I'm referring to Roswell and the MJ-12 documents.

If a flying saucer crashed near Roswell and if MJ-12 actually existed, what has that to do with the intent or purpose of unexplained things which are purported to be flying above and sometimes landing on this Earth?

The continuing concern to prove Roswell and MJ-12, even Aztec, does nothing do explain or understand a phenomenon that is being un-served by those now in control of the discussion, men and women who are incapable and unable to muster the discipline or intelligence to cope with something as bizarre and evanescent as UFOs.

It will take an upheaval of gigantic proportions to unseat the ego-fettered and so far useless group who have, because they are basically ignorant, about everything, screwed up the study of UFOs so badly that scientists and thoughtful hobbyists have got to start from scratch.

And that task must be assumed by the "Young Turks" as Alfred Lehmberg calls them.

Let the "revolution" begin."